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Day 1 White Boy Learns Filipino / Tagalog 90 Day Challenge.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I started out the day with a goal in mind. I want to get to fluency with the Tagalog Language. The official language of the Philippines has been a language I have attempted to learn many times over the past 18 years. Now is the time to get committed and accomplish my goal.

I understand that most people would not choose Tagalog or any other Filipino language when starting a language learning journey. I have a special reason I want to learn. My Wife of 11 years is of Filipino Decent and she is fully fluent in Tagalog. I want to be able to share more of her culture with her and enjoy the feeling of speaking with her in Tagalog. I also would love to speak with her family members who live in the Philippines as well has my In-laws who are from Manila.

I am going to do a daily blog with updates on my challenges and progress as I go. I found with language learning in the past. The accountability is a huge component and the consistency is what drives home the learning.

I feel like doing this Blog along with a daily Vlog on youtube( ) it should help me stay consistent. It will put the pressure on me to do what I say if I am announcing it to the world on more than one place.

Check in with me daily.



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