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Day 28 Can I really become fluent in Tagalog in 90 Days?

Today I wanted to see if it was realistic for me to become fluent in 90 days. I found a great resource where studies are posted with time input estimates to achieve fluency in different languages as a native English Speaker.

Below is the graph they use. Take note the harder languages can make the fluency journey quite long and you need to be motivated to make it to the finish line. (even though the journey never really ends).

I found out that if I wanted to be fluent in Tagalog it would take about 1100 hours of study. That means 12 hour days to make it in 90 days. That is not realistic. I have now decided I want to make 12 months my goal. That means I have to step up my study time to 3 hours a day. To achieve this I will have to focus on working study time into my daily routine. Its exciting to think about how good I will be in a year.

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