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Day 26 - Building an elevator pitch - White boy learns Tagalog / Filipino

Today I focus my learning on building a customized script about me. Think of it as an elevator pitch. I have learned a lot of the elements I will need for this. I want to have this script done today and I will give a copy of what I write in my blog post tomorrow. It is good to have a nice smoothed out script of all your personal info when starting a new conversation with someone. It is going to contain all the info that anyone who meets you would ask you. It will include things like. Why I am learning Tagalog. What my hobbies are. Info about my family. Info about where I live and have lived. Info about where I went to school and much more. It could be as long as you want to make it. Mine will be good enough to fill a 2 to 5 minute conversation.

Doing this exercise is a great way to practice and keep your practice relevant to your life.

The other leaning for the day will be news articles, some listing with pimsler, the mondly app and some work book time at the end of the day.

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