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Day 25 - How I stay motivated learning Tagalog.

25 days into my goal of hacking Tagalog. I am struggling but I keep my self motivated and you can too. It is frustrating looking at a word you know you have seen and hear over and over and over and over and having no Idea what it is. I think the biggest frustration for me, you may feel the same, is how long it takes to learn and get past the basics. I have found a few ways to keep myself motivated.

  1. Try to focus your learning on content that is interesting to you. Scrap all those boring dialogues and get into the stuff you like right away. Check out my Day 24 blog to see how I get google translate to read websites for me in my target language.

  2. Immerse yourself in the culture to motivate learning. A major way I accomplish this is by trying to make the popular dishes of the countries where my target language is spoken. For example I tried a traditional Filipino delicacy BALUT which is a partially developed egg. Watch how it went here

  3. Listen to music that you like in your target language. This one is key for me. I love listening to music. The cool thing is you also get to pick up some local slang.

These are just a few ways to stay motivated. If you have any other ways you like to stay motivated comment and share them with me.

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