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Day 24 - New cool way to learn Tagalog

It's now 24 days into my journey of fluency in Tagalog. I found a cool new strategy for learning languages that I will be implementing quite a bit. It allows me to read interesting content at the same time as study. Here is what I did. I went and downloaded the goole translate chrome extention. Once I installed it, I found this website (this could work with any website that you choose).

This site is all written in Tagalog. Then when on the site, I picked an article that looked interesting. Once it started reading the Tagalog I would get through the first sentence and then click on the chrome extention that converts all the text to English. now I knew exactly what I was reading. I continued through the whole article at a very slow pace to make sure I understood each sentence.

This was quite enjoyable and easy to do. It is a great way to learn and I plan to incorporate it every day.

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