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Day 23 Happy Halloween - White boy learns Tagalog / Filipino

Today was a very busy day. I got a bit of study time however, I also was able to get the ingredients for a traditional Filipino Dessert called Halo Halo. Tomorrow I will be making a video on how to make it and showing you what its like to try. I have had it in the Philippines so I hope we can recreate the same authentic experience.

8 New Tagalog phrases to practice with English translation.

  1. Paano ako magluluto ng pancit? How do I cook pancit?

  2. pwede ko bang subukan yan? Can I try that?

  3. Dapat ba tayong maghintay o magsimula ngayon? Should we wait of start now?

  4. Maaari ba nating magkaroon muli niyan ngayong gabi? Could we have that again tonight?

  5. Napakatamis niyan, That was very sweet.

  6. Ang sweet naman nun. That was sweet.

  7. Maalat iyon. That was salty

  8. Maasim iyon. That was sour.

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