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Day 21 - Cooking Taho a filipino dessert - white boy learns Tagalog 90 day challenge.

Today I posted a video of cooking a Filipino dessert. I am trying to experience the culture more as I study each day and learn the Tagalog language. Cooking has never been something I regularly do or am good at. I find it to be much more fun now when I incorporate it with learning about culture and language. I recommend that when studying a language you embrace the new foods of the culture you are learning. It definitely adds to the experience in a positive way and helps keep you motivated to learn more.

Ten more phrases to study.

  1. Saan ka lumaki? Where did you grow up?

  2. Paano mo gusto ang nakatira dito? How do you like living here?

  3. Namimiss mo na bang makauwi ka? Do you miss being back home?

  4. Mayroon ka bang mga kapatid? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

  5. Ano ang nasyonalidad mo? What is your nationality?

  6. Maaari ka bang magsalita ng iba pang mga wika? Can you speak any other languages?

  7. Ano ang bagay na pinaka namimiss mo tungkol sa kung saan ka lumaki? What is the thing you miss most about where you grew up?

  8. Ano ang iyong paboritong bagay tungkol sa pamumuhay dito? What is your favorite thing about living here?

  9. Gaano kadalas ka bumibisita sa bahay? How often do you visit home?

  10. Ano ang iyong paboritong pagkain noong bata ka? What was your favorite food as a child?

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