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Day 20 - Things I love to do. White boy learns Tagalog / Filipino 90 Day challenge.

Things are starting to really ramp up in the Pimsler lessons. I am struggling with the difficulty. I think I may do todays lessons again tomorrow. I do feel that my vocab is growing but the reading in the Mondly app is helping a lot with that as well. I am going to start watching more shows in Tagalog this weekend. I want to get more variety. One thing I learned from studying French and Spanish is that it doesn't matter what you are doing as long as you are doing something and using the time efficiently. I started many french courses but moved on as soon as they got boring. It is way more important to keep the content interesting then forcing your way through boring text.

Ten Phrases of the Day - Things I love.

Tagalog - English

1. Mahilig akong manuod ng sine. I love watching movies.

2. Mahilig ako maglaro ng basketball. I love playing basketball

3. Gusto kong matuto ng mga wika. I love to learn languages.

4. gusto kong gumastos ng oras kasama ang aking pamilya. I love spending time with my family.

5. gusto kong gumastos ng oras kasama ang aking mga kaibigan. I love spending time with my frineds.

6. gusto kong makinig ng musika. I love listening to music.

7. gusto kong sumayaw. I love dancing.

8. Gusto kong manuod ng palakasan sa telebisyon. I love watching sports on television.

9.Gusto kong malaman ang tungkol sa pamumuhunan at entrepreneurship. I love learning about investing and entrepreneurship.

10. Gusto kong subukan ang mga bagong bagay. I love trying new things.

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