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Day 19 - Tagalog Idioms - White boy learns Tagalog / Filipino

I am not too far away from completing 3 weeks of study. Things are going well. I decided to have some fun and look up Tagalog Idioms. In English there are so many sayings that if they were literally translated would not make any sense to a foreign speaker. These sayings are very widely used and I want to learn what some popular ones are in Tagalog. This will give me some ammo to make me seem like a much more advance speaker if I can throw some of these into my conversations. Here is what I found. I hope to get some feedback from anyone reading. If you know of others please let me know.

Tagalog Idiom Literal Translation Meaning

Malambot ang ilong. Having a soft nose. a person who is easily fooled or gullible.

Makati ang paa. Itchy feet. Someone that enjoys going . places.

Makati ang dila. Itchy tongue. Someone who is very talkative.

Kabiyak ng dibdib the other half of the heart spouse

butas ang bulsa hole in the pocket someone who is broke

Makapal ang bulsa thick pocket someone who has a lot of cash

Mabigat ang kamay you have a heavy hand someone who is lazy.

Bulaklak ng dila flowers of the tongue. used to denote exaggeration

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