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Day 18 - A focus on Tagalog Numbers White boy learns Tagalog / Filipino

Today I focused on numbers. There is a weird thing in Filipino, when using numbers you use Spanish numbers to tell time, Tagalog numbers to count, and english numbers when you buy things if you so choose to? lol. I am quite confused about this however I guess its normal. There is such a big Spanish and English influence in the Philippines that speaking a mixture of languages is just normal.

It was easy for me to deal with the Spanish numbers to tell time. Also the use of "anong oras na?" (what time is it?) because my wife has said that so often in the past. Also I have studied Spanish and know how to count in Spanish. This would however, add a level of difficulty to a new learner.

Here are the numbers for your practice.

Tagalog English

isa One

dalawa Two

tatlo Three

apat Four

lima Five

anim Six

pitong Seven

walo Eight

siyam nine

sampu ten

labing-isang Eleven

labindalawa Twelve

labintatlo thirteen

labing-apat fourteen

labinlim Fifteen

labing-anim Sixteen

labing pitong Seventeen

labing-walo eighteen

labinsiyam Nineteen

dalawampu twenty

dalawampu't isa twenty one

Tatlumpu thirty

Tatlumpu't isa thirty one

Apatnapung fourty

Apatnapu't isa fourty one

limampu fifty

limamput isa fifty one

animnapu sixty

animnapu't isa sixty one

pitumpu Seventy

pitongput-isa seventy one

walumpu eighty

walumput isa eighty one

siyamnapung ninety

siyamnapu't isa ninety one

isang daan one hundred

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