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Day 17 - White boy learns Tagalog / Filipino. 10 translated Phrases about food.

Today was a long day of editing. I am getting better at that aspect of the recording video side of things. However, Still not able to do a lot of things I want in my daily videos. As this process moves along I will keep getting better.

Because of the editing. I have not spent as much time on studying as I would have liked. I did get in some study and I do feel like no matter what I do I have to keep pushing myself to find new content and keep things exciting to keep motivated.

I kept with a food theme today during my studies because I tried balut for the first time. Please check out the video about the experience. It was quite the taste test.

Ten phrases about food.

  1. Ano ang paborito mong pagkain? What is your favorite food?

  2. Ano ang para sa Hapunan? What is for dinner?

  3. Ano ang pang-agahan? What is for breakfast?

  4. Ano ang pananghalian? What is for Lunch?

  5. Kain tayo. Lets eat.

  6. Uminom tayo. Lets drink.

  7. Pwede mo ba ipasa sa akin ang balut? Can you pass me the balut?

  8. lalabas ba kami upang kumain o manatili sa bahay? Are we going out to eat or staying home?

  9. Nakakagulat ang pagkaing ito! This food is amazing!

  10. Hindi ko pa ito nasubukan. I have never tried this before.

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