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Day 15 - White boy learns Tagalog / Filipino. New app being used.

Today was a great study day. I got nearly 2 hours of time in. I started using a new app to really help along my conversations. The app is called Mondly. You can easily find it in the apple or google app store. The great thing about the app is it allows you to go through a guided course or start having a conversation with a robot. The robot has questions and answers that guide you through conversations where you can choose many responses they provide or you give your own. It was a lot of fun to use.

Here are my 10 phrases I worked on today.

1. Bumaba ka sa likuran ko honey. Hindi ako isang manggagawa ng himala. Get off my back honey. I am not a miracle worker.

2. Ano ang iyong edad? What is your age?

3. Magkano iyan? How much does that cost?

4. Magkano lahat? What is the total?

5. Ano ang gusto mo'ng gawin? What do you want to do?

6. Gusto mo ba ng Inumin? Do you want a drink?

7. Hindi ako masyadong makapagsalita. I can't speak very fast.

8. Maaari ba kayong magsalita ng medyo mabagal? Can you speak a bit slower?

9. Pwede bang paki ulit please? Can you repeat that please?

10. Uh oh, sa palagay ko kailangan ko ng mabilis ang banyo. Nasaan ang banyo? Uh oh, I think I need a bathroom fast. Where is the restroom?

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