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Day 14 White boy learns Tagalog / Filipino - 90 Day Challenge - 10 Translations to study

Today was a good day of learning. I feel like I was able to get a lot accomplished and I feel like a lot of frequent words are becoming recognizable to me. I even knew some as they were being spoken (Whoot!, Whoot!).

I wanted to include each day some of my learned material so you can learn along with me if you follow the blog posts. Aside from my other study I picked 10 phrases I wanted to work on that relate to me. It is going to help me get to a conversation where the topics are relevant to me. I am going to do 10 new ones each day. Before I start my studies I will be coming back to this blog each morning to review my previous days work. You can do the same. Either use my sentences or construct your own based on your life.

Ten Tagalog - English translations I spent time on today.

1. Kamusta ang araw mo? How was your day?

2. Mabuti naman. Mayroon akong larong basketball ngayong gabi sa siyete. It was good. I have a basketball game tonight at seven.

3. Nanalo ka ba sa laro mo? Did you win your game?

4. Ano ang ginawa mo buong araw? What did you do all day?

5.Busy ngayon. Matagal ako, ngunit kapanapanabik na araw kasama ang aking pamilya. Lalo na nakakapagod ang kambal ko. Today was busy. I had a long, but exciting day with my family. My twins were especially exhausting.

6. Ano ang iyong hilig? What are your hobbies?

7. Ano ang gusto mong kainin sa hapunan? What do you want to eat for dinner?

8. Labing-anim na oras akong mabilis, kaya't nilaktawan ko ang agahan. I did a sixteen hour fast, so I skipped breakfast.

9. Hayaan manuod ng sine ngayong gabi. Lets watch a movie tonight.

10. Dinala ko ang aking anak na babae sa kanyang klase sa pagsayaw. I took my daughter to her dance class.

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