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Day 13 of White boy learns Tagalog

I will now be doing daily posts to this blog site with my lesson plans. These will start as of tomorrow on Day 14 of my quest to fluency in Tagalog. I have reshaped what I am doing for my study routine since Day 1. I am now taking a much more customized approach to learning. I am building sentences each day and practicing them to add to my memory bank. I hope it helps.

Come back tomorrow to see the first lesson plan. If you want to learn along with me you will get all the info from what I am working on.

Today I posed the question about Greetings when you meet a new person. What is the best.

I found this one to use but not sure if it is too formal or sounds un-natural.

Ikinagagalak Kong Makilala Kayo.

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