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6 things about Learning Tagalog for 45 days

I have now reached half way to my 90 day challenge studying Tagalog. Here are 6 things I have experienced since I started.

  1. Tagalog is a very difficult language to pronounce when you are an English speaker. The words are very long and difficult to get your tongue to get used to.

  2. Tagalog has a lot of Spanish words which makes it easier if you have knowledge of Spanish or are a native Spanish speaker.

  3. It is difficult to find interesting and engaging content in Tagalog. I found lots of movies but I think 90% of them are love stories and I would love to get a good action or thriller. So far not having luck with that.

  4. The Tagalog music I have found is very limited. There seems to not be a ton of music to pick from. The music I do find is mainly slow jams and I was hoping for other styles but I keep on the hunt. I have found a few artists that have a couple songs I like but it is still hard for me to find content I am into. One of the hardest things when learning a new language is to stay motivated. Having good music helps me stay motivated a lot.

  5. I have the most fun learning when we make food and try new food. I am going to focus more on that to help me learn.

  6. There is a larger online community than I originally thought there would be. This definitely helps learning. I can reach out to plenty of other learners and teachers online for free to clarify any questions I have. I have joined a bunch of Facebook groups.

So far the over all experience is very positive. I can hardly wait to leap over the beginner plateau and move into more engaging content.

Make sure to follow me on Youtube for videos of my progress and Language Learning experience.

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